segunda-feira, julho 09, 2012


Baths - Aminals
Kelpe - Colours Don't Leak
Coco Bryce - Wash Your Heart
Lil Wayne - Nightmares Of The Bottom (LOL Boys edit)
Shlokmo x R.Kelly - Rained The Whole Time x Number One (Hemsworth blend)

Crónica de Afonso Leitão, Grayscale

Twin Sister - Kimmi In A Rice Field (Balam Acab remix)
Aluna George - You Know You Like It (Bondax remix)
Karma Kid - Delight In Delaware
LOL Boys - Moments In A Heartbreak
Fantastic Mr.Fox feat Alby Daniels - San'en

Theo Parrish - Solitary Flight
Mr.Beatnick - Synthetes
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man
Boys Noize - Donnastag
Genious Of TIme - Houston We Have A Problem
Jet Et Moi - Paris Is For Lovers
Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dummont remix)

Gonçalo Pereira

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