terça-feira, julho 03, 2012

3 de Julho 2012

actress. iwaad.
actress. shadow from tartarus.
monika kruse. mum.
ellen allien & apparat. way out.
christian löffler. signals.
franklin de costa. she is the one.
four tet. jupiters.
nathan fake. you are here.
nathan fake. the skay was pink - icelandic version.
petter. some polyphony.

cio d'or. uhr.
fluxion. no man is an island - feat dennis brown.
andy stott. passed me by.
a sagittariun. an afterthought.
claro intelecto. still here.
recondite. felicity.
pupkulies & rebecca. revoir - clockwork remix.
moodymann. u ranaway.

andré tejo.

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