terça-feira, janeiro 31, 2012

31 Janeiro 2012

whitetree. kyril.
sven kacirek. turkey dance.
francesco tristano. mambo.
the brandt brauer frick ensemble. you make me real.
brandt brauer frick. iron man.
the sorry entertainers. the only thing i know - dOP remix.
the highgrade disharmonic orchestra. multilayer.
robag wruhme. ende.

spieltrieb. klapperkiste.
monkey maffia. red rude boys fj.
douglas greed. krautpolka.
gathaspar. saving is sexy.
berk offset. die sache mit dem kopher.
dj qu. juicyfruit.
jon hopkins. vessel.

andré tejo

segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2012

30 Janeiro 2012

Ghuna X - Track 05 - Banda Sonora da peça "2 Cyborgs Num Quarto Vazio"
Ghuna X - Track 06 - Banda Sonora da peça "2 Cyborgs Num Quarto Vazio"
JTRP - Hypnotise
Artifact - Deserted
Synkro - Progression
XI - Immunity
Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - Creeper
Pusherman - Shake It Off
 DVS1- Polyphonic Love
Velvit - Den-En-Toshi

Nicolas Jaar - Problems With The Sun
Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Hell Interface Short Slow Version)
Hype Williams - Rise Up
Clark - Com Touch
Bibio - Willenhall
Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters
Magic Mountain - Mae
Blondes - Wine
Daphni - Yes, I Know

por João de Almeida

João de Almeida - Origami RUC @ Pop Fresh

A RÁDIO UNIVERSIDADE DE COIMBRA e os locutores do Origami tomam conta do Pop Fresh.

O futuro da música ou a música do futuro em formato dj set.

House | Tech-House | Uk-Garage | Vocal-House | Dr. House | House of Pain

Terça, dia 31 de Janeiro, Origami com Dj set de João de Almeida.

VJing pela equipa RECEYECLER.


*Oferta de entradas sem consumo e com oferta de uma bebida no Origami de Terça.
Basta estar de ouvidos postos nos 107.9FM, entre as 17h e as 19h...

quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2012

26 Janeiro 2012

demdike stare. unction.
demdike stare. hashashin chant.
pinch & shackleton. rooms within a room.
downliners sekt. lorem ipsum.
answer code request. reflected.
roof light. two cities.
jan namacek. for you.
jan namacek. all things.
faithless. insomnia - lulu rouge bootleg.
irrelevant. no love.

eqd. #111 01.
eqd. #111 03.
shed. flat axe.
rrose. worn scarred.
rrose. waterfall.
wincenth kunth. promise.
whirlpool prod. - from disco to disco - wighnomy bros remix.

andré tejo.

quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2012

25 Janeiro 2012

 1ª hora
Noir & Richard Davis - Found Out
X-Press 2 feat. Rob Harvey - The Blast
Laura Jones - Love In Me (Maceo Plex remix)
Tolga Fidan - Double Edge Sword (Jin Choi remix)
Soy Mustafa - Return Of The Anunnaki (John Tejada remix)
Indira book - Next To You (Oliver Schories remix)
M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Interstellar mix)
Minilogue - Blessed

2ª hora
Raz Ohara - Deeper
Nhar - Motionless
X-Press 2 feat. Alison Limerick - In The Blood
Guty & Fosky - Step
Will Saul & Glimpse - Into The Woods
Deadbeat - Cala's House (Efdemin remix)
Locked Groove - Drowning

Podcast disponível em:
1ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?8i0vcbc4lvbqz24
2ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?4o8gfqaeuj78pyd

por João Oliveira

terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2012

24 Janeiro 2012

Four Tet - Love Cry
Burial & Four Tet - Moth
Floating Points - ARP3
Late - Losing You
Deadboy - Fireworks (Slo-mo House Edit)
Scuba - So you think you're special
Synkro - Progression

Chaim & Andy Shabat - Levantina
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Ron Carroll, Superfunk - Lucky Star (Kolombo Smooth Remix)
Cosmic Metal Mother - Italian Cowboy
Matthew Dear - Headcage
Thugfucker - Disco Gnome (Tale Of Us Remix)
Pachanga Boys - Time

por João de Almeida

segunda-feira, janeiro 23, 2012

23 Janeiro 2012

Loscil – heptane
Vladislav Delay – levite
Vladislav Delay - luotasi
G.H. – Albedo
Andy Stott - We Stay Together (Part Two)
Omar S - Bobien Larkin
Maceo Plex - The Feelin'
Axel Boman – Purple Drank
Daphni – Ye Ye

Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Rmx)
Fred P. - It Is What It Is
Darling Farah – Crown
Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow (Actress' Neu Haus So-Glo Mix)
Omar S. - Solely Supported
Yes Wizard - Heaven Black
Martyn - We Are You In The Future

por Mariana Roque

quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2012

19 Janeiro 2012

taron-trekka. just.
carsten jost. atlantis I.
john roberts. white.
robert owens & hugo barritt. you are - efdemin remix.
seuil. slow motion.
jay haze. soul ina bottle.
guti. bam!.

kadebostan. portofino.
raz ohara. alls been said.
caribou. sun - oliver schories remix.
kollektiv turmstrasse. heiligendamm.
minilogue. let life dance thru you.
robag wruhme. fittischklopfer.
the fear ratio. guv 1.

andré tejo.

quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2012

18 Janeiro 2012

1ª hora
Lawrence - Kurama
Anja Schneider - Hello Boy!
Dj Hell - Hell's Kitchen (Playgroup remix)
Zander VT - 44 Less (Little Fluffy Laux)
Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life
Floating Points - ARP3

2ª hora
Extrawelt - Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug
Robag Wruhme - Donnerkuppel
Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel
Marco Bailey - Lotus
D'marc Cantu - A New Night
Ellen Allien - Washing Machine Is Speaking
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Randale In Der Fussgangerzone
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut

Podcast disponível em:
1ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?qq3k62h44tawjfr
2ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?121l5lzklib4oll

por João Oliveira

terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2012

17 Janeiro 2012

Graphics - Theres A Way Back (Dam Mantle Remix)
Machinedrum - No Respect
Trikk - Field
Trikk - Midway
Locked Groove - Rooted Rooted
Bobby Champs - All Night
Eliphino - Don’t Try Be
Volta Cab - Perfect Love
Maceo Plex - Your Style (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Douglas Greed - Autumn
Matthew Dear - Headcage
Todd Terje - Swing Star (parts 1 & 2)
D'Marc Cantu - Say It and Its Time
FCL - Let's Go
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Uneins (Of Norway Version)
Ron Carroll, Superfunk - Lucky Star (Solomun Remix)
Christophe - Stalker

por João de Almeida

16 Janeiro 2012

1ª Hora:

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Todd Terje - Swing Star (parts 1&2)
Juan Soto - Dance & Claps
Manik - She watches Me (The Revenge remix)
Cubiq - Had Enough
Appaloosa - Patchwork (Kamp! Remix)
Luomo - Good Stuff

2ª Hora:

Volta Cab - House of the Rising Fire
Snuff Crew - Clarity
Caribou - Hannibal
Caribou - Bowls
Four Tet - Locked
Four Tet - Pyramid
Floating Points - ARP3
Floating Points - Sais

Por: Fred Oliveira

segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2012

Origami @ Pop Fresh, com João Oliveira

A RÁDIO UNIVERSIDADE DE COIMBRA e os locutores do Origami tomam conta do Pop Fresh.

O futuro da música ou a música do futuro em formato dj set.

Techno | House

Terça, dia 17 de Janeiro, Origami com Dj set de João Oliveira.

VJing pela equipa RECEYECLER.


*Oferta de entradas sem consumo e com oferta de uma bebida no Origami de Terça.
Basta estar de ouvidos postos nos 107.9FM, entre as 17h e as 19h...

quarta-feira, janeiro 11, 2012

11 de Janeiro 2012


1ª hora
Mikkel Metal - Dromos
Rhythm & Sound - Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive remix)
Funk D'Void - Nineteen-Ninety Two (Francois Dubois remix)
Freaks & 012 - Conscience Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz remix)
Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (Franco Cinelli remix)
Steffi feat. Virginia - Yours
Groove Armada - The Pleasure Victim
Groove Armada - Rj's Theme
SQL & D-Nox - Swarm

2ª hora
SCSI-9 - Sunny Side Up (Mazel Source remix)
Echonomist - Simple Minds (Gavin Herlihy Alternative remix)
Florian Kruse - Kindness House (Dirt Crew remix)
Robert Owens & Hugo Barritt - You Are (Tom Demac remix)
Lula Circus - Irreversible
Benoit & Sergio - Everybody
Harald Bjork - Bigfield

Podcast disponível em:
1ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?sc6tkr43jgrtl1j
2ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?ni6b70jbxrmb6ok

por João Oliveira

terça-feira, janeiro 10, 2012

10 de Janeiro 2012

xhin. this is what you drew while you were half asleep.
demdike stare. unction.
raime. you will lift your frame clear.
pinch & shackleton. rooms within a room.
andy stott. cherry eye.
andy stott. execution.
james blake. pan.
pole aue.
desolate. divinus.
marow. e.coli (short).

patten. fire dream.
martyn. masks.
daphni. ye ye.
scuba. feel it.
julio bashmore. battle for middle you.
midland. through motion.
robag wruhme. thora vukk.
morphosis. too far.
dominik eulberg. metamorphose.

andré tejo.

09 Janeiro 2012

Blawan - Getting Me Down 
Presk - Mold   
Joy O    - Sicko Cell 
Jackal Youth - Broken
Deadboy - Wish U Were Here
Maya Jane Coles - What They Say
Andy Mac - Everytime
FaltyDL - Paradise Lost
Bloc Party - Where is Home? (Burial Remix)

Pazul - Soundgarden
Constantijn Lange - Morning Dew
Extrawelt - Phoebe
DC Salas - Peru
Discreet Unit - Shake Your Body Down        Shake Your Body Down
Federleicht - On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse's Let Freedom Ring Remix)
Gui Boratto - The Drill
Daphni - Ye Ye

por João de Almeida

quinta-feira, janeiro 05, 2012

05 Janeiro 2011

Mike Dehnert, Roman Lindau - Sophia - 2 Octave
Vincenzo, Tyson Ballard - They Are Looking At You
Cuthead - Vibratin'
Spitzer - Marsch Part II
KiNK - Freakuency (Feat Rachel Row)
Knowing Looks - Listen To My 45   
Junior Boys - You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix)
Harald Bjork - Nu (Kate Wax Howls Remix)
Dominique - He Said

Dirtytwo - Moody
Flowers & Sea Creatures - A.M. (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit)
Larse - So Long
Micha Klang & Kuroneko - Anytime You Please (Shonky Remix)
Nicco (ND) - Child In Eden
Boris Hotton - Arctica (Part 1)
Gavin Herlihy - Endless Feeling

por João de Almeida

quarta-feira, janeiro 04, 2012

04 Janeiro 2012

margaret dygas. maybe may be.
margaret dygas. missing you less.
margaret dygas. mquintet.
frank bretschneider. echotron.
pellarin. iran.
pom pom. #33 c1.

monkey maffia. red rude boys "fj"
robag wruhme. wemmel.
kollektiv turmstrasse. heimat - robag's remix.
mandy & booka shade. home - kollektiv turmstrasse remix.
spieltrieb. klapperkiste.
the micronaut. kampfen - the glitz remix.
audion. mouth to mouth.

andré tejo.

terça-feira, janeiro 03, 2012

03 Janeiro 2012

 Os melhores albuns de 2011

1ª hora
Robag Whrume - Thora Vukk (Thora Vukk, Pampa Records)
Bruno Pronsato - Wintermusic For Summer (Lovers Do, Thesongsays)
Dj T feat James Teej - Sense (The Pleasure Principle, Get Physical Music)
Rodriguez Jr - Shapes I See (Bittersweet, Mobilee)
Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love) (Azari & III, Loose Lips Records)
Gus Gus - Over (Arabian Horse, Kompakt)
Extrawelt - Swallow The Leader (In Aufruhr, Cocoon Recordings)
Oliver Huntemann - Tranquilizer (Paranoia, Ideal Audio)
Dominik Eulberg - Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (Diorama, Traum Schallplaten)

2ª hora
Zomby - Natalia's Song (Dedication, 4AD)
Rustie - Hover Traps (Glass Swords, Warp)
Martyn - Popgun (Ghost People, Brainfeeder)
Cosmin TRG - Form Over Function (Simulat, 50 Weapons)
Modeselektor - Blue Clouds (Monkeytown, Monkeytown Records)
Rebolledo feat. Rodrido Cano - Steady Gear Rod Maschine (Super Vato, Cómeme)
Legowelt - The Night Wind (The Teac Life, Self-Released)
Conforce - Timelapse (Escapism, Delsin)
John Tejada - The Living Night (Parabolas, Kompakt)
The Field - Looping State Of Mind (Looping State Of Mind, Kompakt)

Podcast disponível em
    1ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?8l8h8jceh6be5xu
    2ª hora: http://www.mediafire.com/?dkeu67ny0n4qq1r

por João Oliveira
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