sexta-feira, maio 29, 2009



Fennesz: Rivers of Sand
Boozoo Bajou: Divers
Rocky Marciano: Hold of Me
Precya: Sensistencia
Jimi Tenor: Love and Work
Caribou: A Final Warning
Nathan Fake: Charlie's House
Colder: To the Music
U-clic: Like
Jay Jay Johanson: On the Radio
Mocky: How will i know


Cujo: Northstar
Jimmy Edgar: I wanna be your std
Modeselektor: Kill Bill vol.4 + Ziq Zaq
Goose: Bring it on
Portishead: Machine Gun
Masters At Work: Our time is running out (Jazzanova Remix)
Nithin Sawhney: Serpents
Anders Blickmann: New Caledonia


quinta-feira, maio 28, 2009

Playlist Felina


Aphex Twin: Prepared Piano Piece I (London Sinfonietta)
Aphex Twin: Prepared Piano Piece II (London Sinfonietta)
B. Fleishmann: Broken Monitors
Beach House: Home Again
Khonnor: A Little Secret
Santiago Latorre: Orbita
Tarwarter: Expected
Andrew Peckler: On
Leila: Mettle
Midwest Product: Motivator
Broadcast: Corporeal
MGMT: The Youth Oracular


Minotaur Shock: This Plane Is Going To Fall
Depeche Mode: In Simphaty
Moderat: A New Error
Skream: Midnitgh Request Line
Buraka Som Sistema: Kurum
Zombie Zombie: Driving This Road Until Death Set Us Free
Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s: Zero
The Rapture: Killing
Dan Deacon: Snake Mistakes


quarta-feira, maio 27, 2009


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: sankofa
Mark Ernestus: mark's disco dub
Wareika Hill Sounds: reggae land dub
Woolfy vs. Projections: carry on
Bronnt Industries Kapital: therenody
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse: star eyes
Animal Collective: oh sweet
Black Dice: vegetables
Prefuse 73: yuletide
Kate Simko: random universe
Svarte Greiner: tunnel of love
Fever Ray: i'm not done
DM Stith: isaac's song


Kode9: black sun
Kode9: 2 far gone
Adultnapper: you just arrive
Luke Hess: transform
Gui Boratto: colors
Who Made Who: small town city
Lukid: chord
Robert Logan: ultraflux
Harmonic 313: no way out


Gustavo Sampaio.


terça-feira, maio 26, 2009

Eiras em Coimbra, Portugal

Tejo ao lado do Mondego

Playlist 26 de Maio 2009

Efdemin: Acid Bells - Martyn Bittersweet Remix
Trentemoller: Miss You - Lulu Rouge Remix
Mike Sheridan: For Taet Pa
Sideshow: Strung Outro
Sideshow: If Alone - Chateau Flight Remix
Pep Gaya: Migala
Le Cantin: Switching Plantation
Líneas De Nazca: Man Behind The Courtain

Francisco Allendes & Felipe Venegas: Espíritu
Mihalis Safras: Chicas Latinas
Miguel Toro: Sissteray
Luciano & Guy Gerber: Arc-En-Ciel
Yam Yam: Yam Yam 05 - A Side
Jesse Somfay: Elegiac Station

André Tejo

segunda-feira, maio 25, 2009

Playlist 25 Maio 09


Nearly God: Poems

Stereotyp: Keepin' Me
Tosca: Worksong

Markus Kienzl: Top Dog - New Version

Sofa Surfers: Long Bone
The Orb: Towers of Dub

Future Sound of London: Far Out Son of a Lung

Death In Vegas: Soul Auctioner (w/ Bobby Gillespie)
Primal Scream: The Big Man & The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown (w/ Irvine Welsh)

Kodo: Dj Krush


Silicon Soul: Who Needs Sleep Tonight

Paul Weller: Kosmos Sx Dub 2000
Brooks: Restoration

LCD Soundsystem: All My Friends

Joakim: I Wish You Were Gone

Who Made Who: Flat Beat
Captain Comatose: 100$
Burial: Near Dark

Por Tiago Eiras

sexta-feira, maio 22, 2009

Playlist 22 Maio 09

The Field: The More That I Do
Apparat: Fractales - Ibiza Version
Moderat: Rusty Nails - Shackleton rmx
Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner: Sky and Sand

Ellen Allien: Sehnsucht
Daso: Sam'n'Max
Shonky: Nebula
Julie Amadeo: Dialogue - Anders Blickmann Diálogo rmx
M83: Don't Save Us From The Flames - Superpitcher rmx
Rodriguez Jr: Lila
Console: 14 Zero Zero

Por Tiago Eiras

quinta-feira, maio 21, 2009

Playlist 21 de Maio 2009

Apparat: Multifunktionsebene
DJ Sprinkles: Grand Central II (72 hours on the way to Missouri)
Burial: In McDonalds
Pantha Du Prince: TAU
Jesse Somfay: Something Smallest
Jesse Somfay: Hypnagogii
Nathan Fake: Castle Rising
The Field: Yesterday And Today

Dominik Eulberg: Sansula - Max Cooper's Lost In Sound Remix
Extrawelt: Unter Tage
Grünbox: Killer Bees
Grünbox: 22
Franco Bianco: Intensidad Juraschek
Salif Keita: Yamoré - Luciano Remix

André Tejo

playlist 20 maio

crystal castles _ magic spells
the presets _if i know you (tania & jori version)
james figurine _ all th way to china
cirkus _ every day life
micachu _ eat your heart
moby _ body rock
the sabres of paradise _ town truck
tiga _ beep beep beep
in flagranti _ brash & vulgar
in flagranti _ a little something "extra"?
2raumwhonung _ 36 grad (oliver huntemann remix)

sie _ odyssee
jesse somfay _ ex-astris, ad-astra
petter _ untight
guy gerber & chaim _ beaches
jim rivers _ catch 22
soldatino _ king
fahrenheit _ little canaille

liliana carvalho

quarta-feira, maio 20, 2009

You Can Say That Again!!

"...If Willner (The Field) doesn't hit at least some of your pleasure centers, well, forget your ears - your nerve endings might actually be dead"

in Pitchfork

terça-feira, maio 19, 2009

Playlist 19 de Maio

Panta Du Prince: Steiner In Flug
B. Fleishmann: Composure
Gang Gang Dance: House Jam
Beach House: Astronaut
Konhor: An Ape Is Loose
Minotaur Shock: Am Dram
Broadcast: America’s Boy
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: Heads Will Roll
Patrick Wolf: Dont Say
Stereo Total: Kleptomane
The Chap: Now Woel

Matzak: Dadaugther
Nathan Fake: Superpositions
Gang Gang Dance: First Communion
Dan Deacon: Red F.
Crystal Castels: Air War
Patrick Wolf: Bloodbeat
Midwest Product: Dead Cat
Mujava: Township Funk
Tricky: Feed Me
Micachu: Turn Me Well
Ciccione Youth: Into The Groovey

Pedro Oliveira

segunda-feira, maio 18, 2009


Lafayette Afro-Rock Band: red matchbox
Lafayette Afro-Rock Band: malik
Mulatu & Heliocentrics: fire in the zoo
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu: kolmikanta
Crackle: stone junction
Isotope: illusion
Chain & The Gang: trash talk
De La Soul: big mouf
Prefuse 73: whipcream eyepatch
Brighter Days: mix and mangle
Meanderthals: andromeda
Passion Pit: the reeling


Remano Eszildn: wavaslek
Remano Eszildn: r-track
Kate Simko: quiet daydream
Flunk: common sense
Lukid: raise high the roof beam
Minotaur Shock: my burr
Swayzak: low-rez skyline
Gui Boratto: eggplant
Panthers: goblin city [Holy Ghost! rmx]
Bronnt Industries Kapital: computer of love
Junior Boys: bits & pieces


Gustavo Sampaio.


sexta-feira, maio 15, 2009

12" playlist 15.05.09

1a hora

shinsuke matsumoto 01
onimutu . diver
ld . traumatic times
untold . sweat
trg . time is now
giant . rain mind
donnacha costello . tragedy of the commons
alex grzybowski . jagged fields

2a hora

tadeo . jupiter
sven palzer & patrick zigon . jazz or no?
blagger . strange behaviour . dj koze rmx
brian cares . fingerprints . mymy
pantha du prince . behind the stars
kasper . flashback
john tejada . the open
nax_acid . the soul trap

por: david rodrigues

quinta-feira, maio 14, 2009

Playlist 14 de Maio 2009

La Place Au Soleil: White Rabbit - Soleil Medley Re-Deconstructed by Pep Gaya
Ricardo Villalobos: Minimoonstar
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald: Recomposed - Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" recomposed by Ricardo Villalobos
Anthony Collins & Tolga Fidan: Violente
Damián Schwartz & Guti: Salsón

Tadeo: Zona de Fluctuación en el Espacio-Tiempo
Alex Under: F1 - Circunbalation Remix
Tadeo: Júpiter
Solimano: Lacatarola (feat Isa) - Barem Remix
John Tejada: Better Days
Sascha Funke: Mango

André Tejo

Vencedor do passatempo "TADEO": Carlos Peres

quarta-feira, maio 13, 2009

Playlist 13 de Maio 2009


closer musik _ mir
scsi9 _ elegia
alejandro vivanco _maximizado
moderat _ seamonkey
fairmont _down the rabbit hole
ricardo tobar _ escalera a central
trentemöller _ killer kat
depeche mode _ everything counts (stephan bodzin & oliver huntemann remix)

dj hell
_ you can dance
eyerer & chopstick _ haunting (sleeperthief remix)
giorgio gigli _ I can't breathe
matzak _ madness
tadeo _ virgo
tadeo _ reflection nebula

liliana carvalho

Vencedora Passatempo "Tadeo": Regina Ocampo

terça-feira, maio 12, 2009

Playlist 12 de Maio 2009

Louderbach: Notes
Louderbach: Shine - Bruno Pronsato Remix
Bruno Pronsato: What They Wish
DJ Sprinkles: Reverse Rotation
Yam Yam: Yam Yam 01 - A Side
Yam Yam: Yam Yam 03 - A Side
Pier Bucci: Verte

Tadeo: Heliopausa
Tadeo: Segundo Azul - Variación de Primer Azul
Tadeo: 4
Grünbox: Killer Bees
Jesse Somfay: Amo Lucinor
The Field: Yesterday And Today

André Tejo

Vencedora passatempo "TADEO": Catarina Silva

segunda-feira, maio 11, 2009


All India Radio: evening pills
All India Radio: ebow drone
Tomasz Bednarczyk: a bus-ride with a red-haired girl
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: avian lung
Riceboy Sleeps: all the big trees
Windy & Carl: between you and me
Twine: longsided
Kate Simko: natural surreal
Crackle: metal fatigue
Moondog: 7 beat suite
Remano Eszildn: rat trap bond
Dopplereffekt: scientist
Signal: epirex motor
Damian Lazarus: moment


Bronnt Industries Kapital: knights of vipco
Bronnt Industries Kapital: streets of fury
The Field: i have the moon, you have the internet
Mogg & Naudascher: moon unit pt. 2
Gui Boratto: no turning back
DJ Hell: hell's kitchen
Woebot: bunhill
Mocky: golden dream


Gustavo Sampaio.

[Passatempo Tadeo: João Pratas].


sexta-feira, maio 08, 2009

12" playlist 8 maio 2009

1a hora

ld . traumatic times
2562 . embrace
martyn . natural selection . flying lotus rmx
scuba . the upside . martyn rmx
martyn . velvet
onmutu mechanicks . black throated diver
scsi-9 . storm
dubatech ltd 02
resoe ltd 01

2a hora

the mole . for the lost
anonym . hart plaza . minimal man rmx
douglas greed . deadline
matt john . radio self
jason fine . our music is a secret order
nick hoppner . make over

por david rodrigues

quinta-feira, maio 07, 2009

Influenza H1N1 = Super FLu


Minotaur Shock: this plane is going to fall
Minotaur Shock: jason forrest
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone: killers
Mokira: invitation to love
Hanne Hukkelberg: no one but yourself
St. Vincent: the strangers
Au Revoir Simone: all or nothing
Those Dancing Days: shuffle
Peaches: serpentine
AGF/Delay: congo hearts
Robert Logan: chivalry
Lukid: saddlebags
Datahata: the lower court
The Juan Maclean: the station


Green Pickles: feedback
Liquid Liquid: lock groove
Raymond Scott: bass-line generator
Metamatics: blue water
The Field: the more that i do
Lindström & Prins Thomas: rett pa
Gui Boratto: take my breath away
Tiga: mind dimension
Fischerspooner: to the moon


Gustavo Sampaio.


quarta-feira, maio 06, 2009

Playlist Sonar 2009

Alva Noto & Ryuichy Sakamoto: Trioon 1
Agf/Delay: Recorded
Vincent Gallo: My Beautiful White Dog
Modeselektor & Puppetmastaz: The Dark Side Of The Sun
Plaid: Get Wat You Gave
Grace Jones: Devil In My Life
Crystal Castles: Magic Spells
Micachu & The Shapes: Golden Phone
Animal Collective: Brothersport
Micachu & The Shapes: Turn Me Well
Busy P: Rainbow Man
Moderat: A New Error

Carl Craig: EinBanh
Buraka Som Sistema: Black Diamond
Mujava: Township Funk
SebastiAn Remix: (Kavinsky’s Testarossa)
Late Of The Pier: The Bears Are Coming (Joakim Remix)
Lcd Soundsystem: Yeah
Orbital: Planet Of The Shapes

Pedro Oliveira

terça-feira, maio 05, 2009

Playlist 5 de Maio 2009

Cymande - Dove
Heliocentrics - Sirius b
Benga - Flame
Jaylib - The Mission
Benga - Evolution
Heliocentrics - Distant Star

Uptown - It's My Turn (dubstrumental)
Public Enemy - Burn Hollywood Burn
Jungle Brothers - Black Is Black (feat. Q-tip & Africa Bambaataa)
De La Soul - Eye Now (The Know It All Mix)
EPMD - I'm Housin'
Black Sheep - Yes
Eric & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (Double Trouble Remix)
Red Head Kingpin & FBI- Do The Right Thing
Two Live Crew - C'mon Baby (Extended Bass Mix w/ Doo Doo Brown)

Por Rui Veiga

segunda-feira, maio 04, 2009


Black Dice: urban supermist
Black Dice: idiots pasture
Prefuse 73: ampexian tribe
Prefuse 73: fingertip trajectories
Mokira: oscillations and tremolo
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker: phantom
Astral Social Club: radial hermaphrodite
Mika Vainio & Carsten Nicolai: süssonor
Dan Deacon: wham city
Martyn: seventy four
The Invisible: monsters waltz
Tosca: oysters in may


Lukid: slow hand slap
Lukid: fall apart
DJ Sprinkles: ball'r
DJ Koze: dangernugget
Claro Intelecto: x
SND: untitled #9
Pixel: +40º 42 24.12 -73º 59 51.18
Atom™: weisses rauschen
Ursula Bogner: atmosphere 1
Moderat: nasty silence
Shed: slow motion replay


Gustavo Sampaio.


sexta-feira, maio 01, 2009

Influenza H1N1

I need help I need medicine
But the pharmacy don't open at dawn
Groans and blood flow through my veins
If I don't get it soon then I'll lose my head

Playlist 1 Maio 09

Dominik Eulberg: Kuckucks Lychtnelke
Marcin Czubala: At The Beach In San Foca

Bruno Pronsato: Why Can't We Be Like Us?


Applescal: July Came Along - Alt Fenster rmx
Isolée: Nightingale

Jurgens: Love It
Fairmont: Fade and Saturate

Minilogue: Carnival

Por Tiago Eiras
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