terça-feira, novembro 29, 2005

Playlist 29 Nov 2005


Murcof: Rios
Jan Jelink: Im Diskodickicht
Pier Bucci: The R-8 Mooger
Ricardo Villalobos: Erso
Andi Teichmann: Myschkin
False: River Camping


Vitalic: Wooo
Vector Lovers: Post Artic Industries
Ada: I Love Asphalt
Lindstrom: I Feel Space (M.A.N.D.Y. remix)
Mathias Schaffhauser: Truthology (Frank Martiniq remix)
Oliver Hacke: Subject Carrier (Alex Under remix)
Perc: Splashy
Vitalic: La Rock 01

Realização: António Mortágua

segunda-feira, novembro 28, 2005

Playlist 28 Nov 2005

Alex Cortex: (Laconic #2)
Jeff Samuel: Forinsee
Wighnomy Brothers: You Might Say (Im Ruminaten Parfum Rework)
Gringo Grinder: Memories of a Balanced Breakfast
Das Bierbeben: Staub - Robag Wruhme rmx
Pier Bucci: Mierc
Luciano & Serafin: Funk Excursions

Vitalic: Poney (Part 1)
The Hacker: It's The Mind
Anthony Rother: Back Home
Metope: Superimbat
The Silures: Fishnets
Console: Into The Universe - 1982 rmx
Northern Lite: Trusting Blind (12" Version)
Ellen Alien: Magma - The MFA rmx

Realização: Tiago Eiras

sexta-feira, novembro 25, 2005

Playlist_25 Nov 05

1a hora

Egoexpress: Aranda (Lawrence rmx)
AM/PM: Also

2a hora

Minilogue: Certain things arround you
Jamie Lidell: Multiply (Hot Chip rmx)
Who Made Who: Space for rent
Dj T: A guy called jack (Joakim rmx)
Pan/Tone: No pecos por favor
Mish Mash ft. Lois: Speechless
Vitalic: La rock 01
Daso: Daybreak

Por: David Rodrigues

quinta-feira, novembro 24, 2005

Playlist 23 de Novembro


Felix Kubin: Hissi Hissi
Midwest Product: Duckpond
Textile Ranch: Girl With Numbereb Heart
Two Lone Swordman: Last Dance
Boards Of Canada: Sherberts Heads
Four Tet: Smile Around The Face
4 Hero: We Who Are Not As Outhers
Mike Ladd: Housewives At Play
Bozoo Bajou: Killer


Depeche Mode: A Pain That Im Used To
Fischerspooner: Everything To Gain
13 & God: Superman On Ice
Colder: On My Mind
Afrika Bambaataa: Soul Makossa
Death In Vegas: Reigen
Broadcast: America´s Boy
Caribou: Yeti

Por Pedro Oliveira

terça-feira, novembro 22, 2005

Playlist 21 de Novembro 2005

King Britt presents Sister Gertrude Morgan: Power (Voodoo Version)
Rich Medina: B Boys To Men
Andre Orefjard: Whatyousayin’
Steve Spacek: Slow Baby Dubb
Boozoo Bajou: Moanin’ (w/ Wayne Martin)
Nina Simone: Lilac Wine – The Album Leaf rmx
Billie Hollyday: Yesterdays – Junior Boys rmx
Khonnor: Phonecalls From You
Brooks: Roxxy
Whitey: Non Stop
Circlesquare: 7 Minutes – Patrick Wolf rmx
DJ Koze: Barock Am Ring

Monolake: North
Alter Ego: Daxtari – Villalobos rmx
Pier Bucci: Siberian
Alex Under: El Ordeñador Personal
Kaito: Hundred Million Lightyears
Seelenluft: You Come Along – Joakim rmx
TBA: Airports

Por Tiago Eiras

sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2005

Playlist 18 Novembro 2005

Markus Kienzl: Peace Demonstration
Rhythm&Sound: See Mi Yah
Jackson: Hard Tits
Jurassic 5: Interlude
Egoexpress: Aranda (Lawrence rmx)
Limacon: Catch (Sten rmx)

Metope + Ada: Colone
Wighnomy Brothers: Gabor fur F.
Plantlife: The Last Song ( Chicken Lips rmx)
Lindstrom: I Feel Space
Who Made Who: Space For Rent (Dirt Crew rmx)
Dubious: Afterhours
Daso: Daybreak

Por David Rodrigues

Playlist 17 Novembro 2005

quinta-feira, novembro 17, 2005

Playlist 16 Novembro 2005

The Young Gods: Moon Revolutions
Gang Gang Dance: Egowar
Colder: Burnt Out
Massive Attack: Everywhen
Hanged Up: Kinectic World
!!!: Me and Juliani Down by The School Yard
Fad Gadget: Back to Nature

Death in Vegas: Bekkit
13 & God: Tin Strong
Patrick Wolf: Bloodbeat
Midwest Product: Avant Poop
Wagon Christ: Crazy Disco Party
Radiohead: Kid A
Sukia: Gary Super Macho
Death From Above 1979: Black History Month
Dat Politics: Go Pets Go

Por Pedro Oliveira

Playlist 15 Novembro 2005

terça-feira, novembro 15, 2005

Playlist 14 Novembro 2005

Rockers Hi-Fi: Going Under
Red Snapper: The Sleepless
Dj Shadow: Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
Blockhead: Insomniac Olympics
Roots Manuva: Colossal Insight
Dizee Rascal: Fix Up, Look Sharp
I-Wolf & Burdy: Money Money (w/ Shaun Ryder & Karanoila)
Gorillaz: Dare (w/ Shaun Ryder)
Boards of Canada: Chromakey Dreamcoat
Tim Tim: 7070077
Laurent Garnier: Jeux D'enfants

Monne Automne: Automne
Pier Bucci: Tita
Dj Koze: Lighta Spuba
International Pony: Our House
SCSI-9: Mini
Richard Davis: Honest With You
Dominik Eulberg: Basstölpel (Robag Wruhme's Rokkymountainsrümüx)
Khonnor: Crapstone

Por Tiago Eiras

Playlist 11 Novembro 2005

sábado, novembro 12, 2005

Playlist 10 de Novembro de 2005


Dj Koze: Don't Feed The Cat
False: River Camping
Robag Wruhme: Wortkabular (Luciano remix)
Tocotronic: Pure Vernuft Darf Niemals Siegen (Superpitcher rmx)
Oliver Hacke: Subject Carrier (Alex Under remix)
Jackson And His Computer Band: Utopia
Out Hud: It's For You


The MFA: The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher remix)
Pier Bucci: Pipostrack
Chelonis R. Jones: Mythologies (Myths I & II)
Matias Aguayo: Radiotaxi
The Juan Maclean: Tito's Way (Booka Shade remix)
Metope: Rebird
Ellen Allien: Magma(The MFA Remix)

Por António Mortágua

quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2005

The MFA @ Via Latina Coimbra

The MFA (live) + Hedonic 2 (dj+mc)
Via Latina \ Coimbra \ 11 de Novembro \ Qui \ 24h

quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2005

Playlist 9 de Novembro 2005

Masha Qrella: Destination Vertical (w/ Reschenzentrum)
Marc Leclair vs. Rechenzentrum: 1er Jour
Lusine: Auto Pilot
Principles Of Geometry: Omagn
Boards of Canada: Chromakey Dreamcoat
Caribou: Pelican Narrows
King Britt presents Sister Gertrude Morgan: Let's Make A Record
Steve Spacek: 3 Hours of Fun
Dinah Washington: Baby Did You Hear? - Danger Mouse rmx
Gorillaz: Dirty Harry

The MFA: The Difference It Makes
DJ Koze: Kuschelrock
M83: Teen Angst - Luciano rmx
Pier Bucci: L Nuit
Telepopmusik: Into Everything - MFA Dub Club rmx
Wighnomy Brothers: Cody's Schuetel Overture
Nina Simone: Lilac Wine - The Album Leaf rmx

Por Tiago Eiras

Playlist 8 de Novembro 2005

Gorillaz: Dare - DFA rmx
Franz Ferdinand: Do You Want To? - Erol Alkan rmx
Royksopp: What Else Is There - The Emperor Machine Dub
Losoul: You Know (feat. Malte)
Norken: Memories
Peter Grummich: Switch Off The Soap Opera
Pier Bucci: Tita

The MFA: The Difference It Makes
DK7: Where's The Fun - Sten rmx
Mahias Aguayo: De Papel
DJ Koze: Raw
DJ T: Funk On YOu - Manhead rmx
Tiefschwarz: Warning Siren - Buickproject rmx
Baxendale: I Built This City For You - Michael Mayer rmx
The MFA: Disco 2 Break

Por António Mortágua

Playlist 7 Novembro 2005

Khonnor: The Man From The Anthill
AGF/Delay: Restrict
Deadbeat: ´N'importe Quoi
Fenin: No C.I.A. - feat. Tikiman
Boozoo Bajou: Keep Going - feat. Tony Joe White
Flanger: Hope To Hear Back Soon
Mikel Metal: Delete
Das Bierbeben: Staub - Robag Wruhme rmx
Jeff Samuel: Forinsee

The MFA: The Difference It Makes
Tampopo: Oxygen Lazy
Extrawelt: Zu Fuss
Mathew Jonson: The Return Of The Zombie Bikers
Ellen Alien: Magma - The MFA rmx
International Pony: Our House - Ada rmx
John Tejada: ALone With You - feat. Carl A. Finlow

Por Tiago Eiras


Pois é, fomos de férias e agora temos preguiça!
Já cá deviam estar as listas, sim senhor, mas a nossa falha serviu para que se manifestassem!
É que às vezes sentimos que andamos a pôr aqui coisas para nada...
Ainda bem que assim não é e aí vão elas!

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