quarta-feira, junho 23, 2010

Playlist 23 Junho 2010


Sarah Goldfarb & JHK: Never Stop
Cologne Tape: Render 4
International Pony: Gothic Girl
Matzak: Not Safe For Work - feat. Forensic
Scuba: Heavy Machinery
King Midas Sound: Cool Out

Crónica From Jamaica with Dub
por Joel Correia

#1 King Tubby

2562: Lost

Kutz: Drumz of No Return


Pier Bucci: Iskrenne

Mathew Jonson: Love in The Future
Clara Moto: Emory Bortz/Alma
Anders Blickmann: Alexey Baha

Minilogue: Certain Things About Us (Part 2)

Actress: Hubble

Sascha Funke: The Fortune Cookie Symphony
Matthew Dear: Elementary Lover - Dj Koze rmx

Tiago Eiras

Playlist 22 de Junho 2010

Lawrence: Treacle Mine
Dj Sprinkles: Reverse Rotation
John Roberts: Relate
Peter Kruder: Shine

Crónica Ritmos No Tempo, por Manuel Guerra
James Brown: Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose
James Brown: There Was Time
Curtis Mayfield: Get Down

Loco Dice: La esquina
Precious System: The Voice From Planet Love (Dixon Remix)

Matzak: Unpredictable Sunday
Tiefschwarz: What You Want
Mathew Jonson: When Love Feels Like Crying
Till Von Sein: India In Ihr
Ninca Leece: Feed Me Rainbows
Bruno Pronsato: What They Wish

André Tejo

segunda-feira, junho 21, 2010


Herbert: The Audience - Jamie Lidell's Music No Last Mix
Two Banks of Four: Afro Blue
Boozoo Bajou: Divers

Crónica Forward, por Adriana Ávila
Dubstep em Londres
Kode 9

Smith & Mighty: B-Line Fi blow
Big Youth: Waterhouse Rock - Groove Corp. rmx
Ballistic Brothers: Prophecy Reveal - United Eye & Future James rmx
The New Rotary Connection: Hanging Round The Bee Tree
Five Deez: Wow (Instrumental)

DJ Shadow: Midnight in A Perfect World
Aloof: Abuse
Le Hammond Inferno: F.S.B.
Mr Scruff: Waterpool Roll
Deadbeats: Funky For You
The Avalanches: Pablo's Cruise/Frontier Psychiatrist
Lemonjelly: A Tune For Jack

Tiago Eiras

sexta-feira, junho 18, 2010

Playlist 17 de Junho 2010

Brock Van Wey: Forever A Stranger
Marc Leclair: 1er Jour - feat. Reschenzentrum
DJ Sprinkles: Grand Central pt. II (72 hours by Rail From Missouri)
Pantha Du Prince: Welt Am Draht
SCSI-9: Mini
Trentemoller: Sycamore Feeling - Gui Boratto rmx
Ellen Allien: Our Utopie

Luciano: Behind My Soul
Pier Bucci: Canto Libre
Efdemin: There Will Be Singing
Pawel: Mate
Carsten Jost: Days Gone By

Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, junho 16, 2010

Playlist 16 de Junho 2010


Luciano: Frankie
Luciano: Behind My Soul
Anthony Collins: Hanging On
Thomas Melchior & Bruno Pronsato: Puerto Rican Girls
La Merengue Downtempo Orchestra: No Esta Muerto Quien Groovea
Damián Schwartz & Guti: Salsón

Kadebostan: Vodka Wedding
Kadebostan: Les Indes Galantes
Gonzales: Kaval
Alejandro Mosso: Pampa
Minilogue: Mr Mustafa - B side
Marcin Czubala: Be Water

André Tejo

terça-feira, junho 15, 2010

Playlist 15 de Junho 2010

Boards of Canada: Chromakey Dreamcoat
Nathan Fake: Grandfathered
Isan: Gardening Not Architecture
Isan: Akatombo
Sebastien Tellier: La Ritournelle
Superpitcher: Lovers Rock
Patrick Chardronnet: Eve By Day
Gui Boratto: Arquipelago
Stephan Bodzin: Liebe Ist...
Paul Kalkbrenner: Steinbeisser - W.B. rmx

Blackstrobe: Me and Madonna
Volga Select: The Uncondiotional Disciple of The Bastard Prince
Metro Area: Miura
Le Tigre: Deceptacon - DFA rmx
LCD Soundsystem: Tribulations
Hiltmeyer Inc.: Narcotic
Fisherspooner: Emerge
Jackson 5: I Want You Back - Z-Trip Mix

Tiago Eiras

segunda-feira, junho 14, 2010

Playlist 14 de Junho 2010


Pier Bucci: Hay Consuelo

Pier Bucci: Tita

Monne Automne: El Salvador

Allendes & Venegas: Marimbo

Ryan Crosson & Guti: Marimbaby

Franco Bianco: Intensidad Juraschek
Solimano: Locatarola - Barem Remix

Dinky: Skyped


Sascha Funke: Mango

Pawel: Kramnik

Carsten Jost: Days Gone By

Efdemin: Nothing Is Everything

Douglas Greed: Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feed Them

Paul Kalkbrenner: Bengang

André Tejo

sábado, junho 12, 2010

Playlist 11 Junho 2010

Dusty Brown - This City Is Killing Me
Comma - Carry The Fire
Guido - Anidea
Trentemoller - The Mash And The Fury
Actress - Lost
Starkey - Capsule
Tycho - Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift A Dream Mix)
Arcanoid - Hormone
Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life
Black Dog - He Knows

Team Ghost - Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
Walls - Soft Cover People
Moss Of Aura - Jarvis
LAKE R▲DIO - Every Little THING
///▲▲▲\\\ - Tetanus Wine
Emeralds - Candy Shoppe
Diamond Vampires - Hungry Wives
Telepathe - Devil's Trident (Diamond Vampires remix)
Playboy Tre - Sideways (SALEM Drag Chop remix)
Spinning Beach Ball of Death - Eyjafjallajökull

por João de Almeida

quinta-feira, junho 10, 2010

Playlist 10 de Junho 2010

Howie B: Hey Jack
Phill Parnell: Barcelona
Herbert: The Audience
Doctor Rockit: Veselka's Diner
Sun Ra: Sattelites Are Spinning - Zero DB Reconstruction
The Cinematic Orchestra: Breathe - Susumu Yokota rmx
Murcoff: Cuerpo Celeste
Triola: Nueland

Pass Into Silence: Voices
Clara Moto: Joy of My Heart - feat. Mimu
Pantha Du Prince: Stick To My Side - feat Panda Bear - Walls rmx
Bruno Pronsato: What We Wish
Ninca Leece: Feed Me Rainbows
Ellen Allien: Home
Junior Boys: Birthday - Caribou Mix
Caribou: Kaili

Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, junho 09, 2010

Playlist 9 de Junho 2010


Actress: Maze

Actress: Lost

Pom Pom: #29 - A

Pom Pom: #33 - D2

Raudive: Zeitgeist - Steve Bug Remix

Julio Portillo: Chili Con Soul

False: Fed On Youth

Audion: Just Fucking


Luciano & Guy Gerber: Arc-En-Ciel

Lucien-N-Luciano: House Tool's House

Carl Craig & von Oswald: Bolero ReComposed - Villalobos Remix

Ninca Leece: Feed Me Rainbows - Public Lover Remix

André Tejo

terça-feira, junho 08, 2010

Playlist 8 de Junho 2010

Benoit & Sergio: What I've Lost
Ninca Leece: Feed Me Rainbows
Efdemin: America
Pantha Du Prince: Suzan
Clara Moto: Goodnight Twilight
Closer Musik: Maria
Fuck Buttons: Sweet Love For Planet Earth - Weatherall Remix
Jesse Somfay: Brave Late Fade

Jesse Somfay: Ex Astris, Ad Astra
Mathew Jonson: Love In Future
Donnacha Costello: Leaving Berlin
Tiefschwarz: I Can't Resist (feat Dave Aju)
Tiefschwarz: What You Want
Cascabel Gentz: No More No Less
Actress: Bubble Butts And Equations

André Tejo

segunda-feira, junho 07, 2010

Playlist 7 Junho 2010

LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yourself Clean
Hot Chip: Colours - DFA remix
Lucien'n'Luciano: So Could We
Frivolous: Rivers Fate
Kadebostan: The Souk
Önur Özer: Traumbone
Dominik Eulberg: Der Purpurrote Sonnenuntergang Am Schilfumsäumten Bergsee (Mit Einem Glas Rotwein In Der Linken Und Rauchware In Der Rechten)
Four Tet: Sing - Floating Points remix
Monolake: Void
Milky Globe & James Holden: Sun Spots
Applescal: Avoiding Mental Lazyness - Russian Linesman remix
NSI: Max Binski
Glitterbug: So Could We
Phantom/Ghost: My Secret Europe

Tiago Eiras

quinta-feira, junho 03, 2010

Playlist 3 de Junho 2010

Ellen Allien: Alles Sehen - Miss Kittin rmx
Pantha Du Prince: Welt Am Draht
Extrawelt: Never Ever Disko Tricks
Sten: City of Dust
John Roberts: Lines
Efdemin: Cowbells
Pawel: Panamerican
Tiefschwarz: What You Want
Fairmont: I Need Medicine

M83: Don't Save Us From The Flames - Superpitcher rmx
Peter Van Hoesen: Dystopian Romance
Sarah Goldfarb: Never Stop
Pier Bucci: La Cortina De Hierro Y El Pajaro Cantor
Pier Bucci: Tita
Matzak: Dadaughter

Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, junho 02, 2010

Playlist 2 de Junho 2010


Booka Shade: Memento
Booka Shade: Wasting Time

Booka Shade: Vertigo

Booka Shade: In White Rooms

Booka Shade: Regenerate

Booka Shade: Mandarine Girl

Booka Shade: Teenage Spaceman

Booka Shade: Body Language

Booka Shade: Das Letzte Mal

Booka Shade: Night Falls


Daniela Stickroth: Backtalk

Peter van Hoesen: Colony / Return Of The Object

Martyn: Is This Insanity? - Ben Klock Remix

Horizontal Ground: 002 - B Side

Sycophant Slags: Keep Off - Wighnomy Brothers Remix

Robag Wruhme: Blech Beule

Robag Wruhme: Dakktylaff

André Tejo

Playlist 1 de Junho 2010

Burial: Fostercare
Burial: Etched Headplate
Mount Kimbie: Taps
LV & Untold: Beacon - Mount Kimbie rmx
2562: Who Are You Fooling?
Fever Ray: When I Grow Up - Scuba High Up rmx
Kryptic Minds: Secure Lost
Moderat: Porch #1 + Porch #2
Ellen Allien & Apparat: Jet
Glitterbug: Transitions

Pier Bucci: Canto Libre
Peter Van Hoesen: Empire in Decay
Clara Moto: Goodnight Twilight
Max Cooper: I (Max Cooper´s Apocalypse rmx)
Moonbeam: Land of The Lost - Original Mix
Douglas Greed: Marcel
Marek Hemmann

Tiago Eiras
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