terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2008

Playlist 30 de Dezembro 2008

Rhythm & Sound: Jah Rule (Feat Paul St Hilaire)
Rhythm & Sound: Dem Never Know (Feat Jah Cotton) - Sleeparchive Remix
Beat Pharmacy: Wata (Feat Mutabaruka)
Mikkel Metal: Frico
Loco Dice: M Train To Brooklyn
Mari Boine: Vuoi Vuoi Me - Henrik Schwarz Remix
Peter Kruder: Coste
Morgan Geist: Detroit - C2 Remix 2

Alexis Cabrera & Guti: Tercero
Luca Bacchetti: Afrikaans
Miskate: What You Want - Barem Remix
Liapin: Basila
Men In Trees: Planet Calypso
Mathias Kaden: Shetani
Paul Kalkbrenner: Revolte

André Tejo

Melhores Discos '08

1. Christian Prommer's Drumlesson: "drum lesson vol.1".

2. Unforscene: "fingers & thumbs".

3. Lucky Dragons: "dream island laughing language".

4. Atlas Sound: "let the blind lead those who can see...".

5. Flying Lotus: "los angeles".

6. Menahan Street Band: "make the road by walking".

7. NOMO: "ghost rock".

8. IMPS: "bring out the imps".

9. Minilogue: "animals".

10. AGF: "words are missing".

11. Jen: "mellow dramas - poetry meets electronica".

12. High Places: "high places".

13. MGMT: "oracular spectacular".

14. Gang Gang Dance: "saint dymphna".

15. Clutchy Hopkins: "walking backwards".

16. Erykah Badu: "new amerykah volume one (4th world war)".

17. David Byrne & Brian Eno: "everything that happens...".

18. The Matthew Herbert Big Band: "there's me and...".

19. El Perro Del Mar: "from the valley to the stars".

20. Quiet Village: "silent movie".


Gustavo Sampaio.


segunda-feira, dezembro 29, 2008

Playlist 29 Dez. '08

Fennesz: saffron revolution
Jonny Greenwood: henry plainview
I'm Not A Gun: lacuna
Scuba: hard boiled
Unforscene: let it ride [feat. Epcot]
IMPS: bubble & squeak
Minilogue: swamp on


Christian Prommer's
plastic dreams


Menahan Street Band: the contender
Steve Reid Ensemble: daxaar
NOMO: nova
Max Tundra: my night out
Stereo MC's: the here & now


Tussle: night of the hunter
Kenny Larkin: glob
Claro Intelecto: before my eyes
Andy Stott: replace
The Mole: smiling & running
Roland Appel: dark soldier
Deadbeat: deep structure
Sten: the essence
Max Mohr: old song


Gustavo Sampaio.


quinta-feira, dezembro 25, 2008

!!! :)
Bom natal
Joyeux Nöel
Felice Natale
Feliz Navidad
Merry chrystmas
Fröehliche Weihnachten

_wake up wake up
colleen_everything lay still
múm_green grass tunnel
alias&ehren_miso stomp
kings of convinience_the weight of my words
morgan geist_lullaby (erlend oye remix)
zero7_simple things
air_alone in kyoto
the postal service_the district sleeps tonight
herbert_it's only
herbert_the audience

tom yorke_atoms for peace (four tet remix)
ellen allien_caress
phonique feat. alexander east_99 & a half (i:cube remix)
squarepusher_my red hot car
ricardo villalobos_dexter
pan/tone_donner kebab
wighnomy brothers feat. robag whrume_bobb
limaçon_catch (sten remix)
way out west_apollo

liliana carvalho

terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2008

Playlist 23 de Dezembro 2008

Salif Keita: Yamoré - Luciano Remix
Ray Okpara: Loving Moonbuah - Nekes Remix
Ilario Alicante: Near Africa - Markus Fix & Robert Dietz Remix
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: Le Tigre
Damián Schwartz & Guti: Salsón
Franco Bianco: Complejos Out Of Stock
Pier Bucci: Hay Consuelo

Lulu Rouge: Bless You - Minilogue Remix
Minilogue: Snake Charmer
Martinez: Momomowha...
Efdemin: The Pulse
Grünbox: Zorzal
Thomas Schumacher: Picanha
Fairmont: Flight Of The Albatross

André Tejo

segunda-feira, dezembro 22, 2008

Playlist 22 Dez. 2008

The Last Poets: get movin'
The Last Poets: hold fast
Erykah Badu: my people
Nightmares On Wax: pretty dark


Quantic presenta Flowering
cuidad del swing


NOMO: three shades
Orchestra Baobab: dee moo weer
Menahan Street Band: montego sunset
Brenda Boykin: love is in town
Nicola Conte: black is the graceful veil
Sonar Kollektiv Orchester: silent distance
Nico Muhly: skip town


Unforscene: sidewinder
Unforscene: dirty & dark
Filastine: hungry ghosts [DJ\Rupture's mix]
Scuba: braille diving [DJ\Rupture's mix]
Move D & Benjamin Brunn: velvet paws
The Notwist: where in this world


Casiotone For The Painfully
toby take a bow


High Places: from stardust
Luomo: sleep tonight
Fabric Lig: meet u in brooklyn
DJ Koze: zou zou


Gustavo Sampaio.


quinta-feira, dezembro 18, 2008

playlist 18 dezembro

peace orchestra_meister petz
depeche mode_useless (kruder&dorfmeister remix)
cut copy_lights and music
gus gus_attention
midnight juggernauts_into the galaxy
daft punk_technologic
mr. oizo_positif

minilogue_leopard (extrawelt remix)
gui boratto&martin eyerer_the beach
vitalic_you prefer cocaine

por Liliana Carvalho

terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2008

Playlist 16 de Dezembro 2008

Deadbeat: Babylon Correction (Feat Paul St. Hilaire)
Mikkel Metal: Get Over (Feat Paul St. Hilaire)
Mike Sheridan: For Taet Paa
Lulu Rouge: Bless You - Jens Fokking Remix
Paul Kalkbrenner: Azure
Frivolous: Tuc Tuc Tuc
Stimming: For A Friend
Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Holunderbaum - Rumpel Mix

Monne Automne: El Salvador
Pier Bucci: Tita
Luciano: Madre
Luciano: Mousa Big Band
Damián Schwartz: Carolina's Favorite
Damián Schwartz & Guti: Salsón
Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela: 10 Años

André Tejo

segunda-feira, dezembro 15, 2008

Playlist 15 Dezembro 2008

Menahan Street Band: heartbeat
Gelka: flow motion
Alice Russell: let us be loving
Erykah Badu: soldier
The Bamboos: one man entourage
Mr. Scruff: hairy bumpercress
The Very Best: get it up
DJ Mujava: township funk
Two Banks Of Four: shadowlands
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu: smoking
The M. Herbert Big Band: nonsound
Lykke Li: dance, dance, dance


RZA: rza #7
The Bug: you and me
Lucky Dragons: wander birds
AGF: words are useless
White Williams: going down
Ruby Suns: there are birds
Architecture In Helsinki: debbie
Gang Gang Dance: afoot
Autechre: altibzz
Minilogue: loud
Sten: take me to the fridge
Cristian Vogel: bopx bocx
Theo Parrish: twisted friskie biscuits
Morgan Geist: nocebo


Gustavo Sampaio.


quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2008

Here We Go Again! (Globalização?)


Atenas, Roma, Berlim, Londres, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhaga...

playlist 11 dezembro

martin landsky_fm safari (patrick chardronnet remix)
pantha du prince_eisbaden
ellen allien & apparat_jet (paul kalkbrenner remix)
ivan smagghe_moscow reise (blackstrobe remix)
vernis_bubble bath (trentemoller remix)
swoop_ black market (nudisco remix)
remute_5000 euro

mia_swoon (shonky remix)
pan-pot_black fusion
gaiser vs heartthrob_nasty girl
fairmont_fade and saturate
stephan bodzin & oliver huntemann_black ice
ink & needle_number one

por Liliana Carvalho

quarta-feira, dezembro 10, 2008

Playlist 10 Dezembro 2008

Lucky Dragons: morning ritual
Lucky Dragons: desert rose
Lucky Dragons: givers
High Places: the storm
Deerhunter: activa
Atlas Sound: ready set glow
Fleet Foxes: english house
Wooden Shjips: death's not your friend
Ladyhawke: paris is burning
Low Motion Disco: love knows low
The Bug: freak freak
Dusk + Blackdown: dis/east
TRG: broken heart
Lightning Bolt: magic mountain
Flying Lotus: comet course


Recloose: cardiology
[Isolée' remix]
Ricardo Villalobos: dexter
[Two Lone Swordsmen' remix]
Max Mohr: old song
My My: klatta
Sten: city of dust
Mikkel Metal: lumever
Newworldaquarium: the force


Gustavo Sampaio.


terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2008

Playlist 9 de Dezembro 2008

Lulu Rouge: Ninna Ninna (Feat Alice Carreri Pardeilhan)
Mike Sheridan: Dine Gronne Ojne
Deepchord Presents Echospace: Celestialis
Dominique Jacquinet: Absolute Expectation
Move D & Benjamin Brunn: Come In (Feat Rawell)
Mikkel Metal: Bodium
Copenhagen Collective: The Copenhagen Experience #2 (Feat Rework, Trentemoller & Djuna Barnes)
Trentemoller: Moan (Feat Ane Trolle)

Sascha Funke: Mango
Efdemin: America
Moonbeam: Nature - Joel Armstrong Remix
Nhar: Mithril
Peter Jürgens: Love It
Larsson: Ruanda
Franco Bianco: Intensidad Juraschek
Ricardo Villalobos: Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano

André Tejo

quinta-feira, dezembro 04, 2008

playlist 4 dezembro

the chemical brothers_block rockin'beats
bentley rhythm ace_bentley is gonna sort you out
zombie nation_gizmode
modeselektor_ziq zaq
hot chip_over and over
fatboy slim_weapon of choice
parov stelar_love (part1)
the avalanches_frontier psychiatrist
le peuple de l'herbe_blunted
leftfield_phat planet

wighnomy brothers_wurz & blosse
matzak_african roots(rodriguez jr)
marc ashken_root rot (shonky rmx)
marc houle_on it
alexander kowalski_amp theme
oliver huntemann vs dubfire_ diablo
alter breed_chunkey monkey

por liliana carvalho

terça-feira, dezembro 02, 2008

Playlist 2 de Dezembro 2008

Los Updates: It's Getting Late
Los Updates: Pictures Of You - Tobias Freund Remix
Onur Özer: Eclipse - Loco Dice Remix
Onur Özer: Seraglio
Sensitiva: Viola Tricolor
Marcin Czubala: Alibi Room

Sten: Daylight
Shed: The Lower Upside Down
Minilogue: We All
Miguel Colmenares: Guaguanco
Grünbox: Sunbox
Alex Under: Gris
Matzak: African Roots - Rodriguez Jr Remix

André Tejo

segunda-feira, dezembro 01, 2008

Playlist 1 de Dezembro


Fuck Buttons: Sweet Love For Planet Earth
Jan Jelinek: Lithiummelodie
Tricky: Afhermath
Clutchy Hopkins: Persie On The One
Dan Deacon: Wooody Wooodpecker
Dan Deacon: The Cristal Cat
The Rapture: Killing
The Kills: Cheap And Cheerfull
Yacht: Dont Stay In Bed
Silver Apples: I Dont Care What The People Say

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Pedro Oliveira
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