sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008


Jona Bechtolt e Claire L. Evans formam os YACHT. Em 2007 deram mais de 200 concertos ao lado de nomes como LCD Soundsystem e Architecture in Helsinki e as qualidades de produção foram reclamadas para colaborações com Devendra Banhart e The Blow. James Murphy integrou-os na excelencia de conteúdos que é a editora DFA, com o lançamento do ep Summer Song. Na madrugada de Domingo, 30 de Novembro, com inicio à uma da manhã apresentam-se ao vivo no Via Club. Concerto imperdível!

"YACHT smells wonderful. I must say, all the time he spent in our bus, it was as if a cool breeze was blowing through my mind. and good songs, too!"
-- James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

"YACHT = megaphysical."
-- Devendra Banhart

"Positive energy rainbow dome music from a next-generation west coast healer."
-- Dave Longstreth, Dirty Projectors

"YACHT is a true renaissance man, feel his magic zap you with its lightning bolt made of awesome."
-- Architecture in Helsinki

"The energy they brought, the aerobic choreography, the propelling beats, and the catchy repetitive mantras were irresistible."
-- Vanity Fair

"A more modern take on Suicide, Sonic Youth, Bush Tetras and ESG."
-- Variety

"Being indie rock's Timbaland ain't easy."
-- VIBE Magazine

"Oh, man, we love this kid."
-- NME

"No one combines giddy bubblegum melodies with clinically precise programming quite like Bechtolt."
-- Entertainment Weekly

"After spinning Yacht's new one, I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real, we are prepared to echo the album title's assessment with respect to the artist himself."
-- Time Out New York

"Yacht rock has never been better."
-- Pitchforkmedia

"YACHT's not just music, it's a way of life."

"YACHT Became This Week's Biggest Artist In The World"
-- Idolator

"Don't miss the boat on YACHT."
-- The Fader Magazine

"Bechtolt's hip-hop-influenced beats make you want to dance like you're a 10-year-old in aerobics class."
-- Venus Magazine

"Jona Bechtolt is no more a normal human being than a toaster is a Ferrari."

Playlist de 28 de Novembro de 2008

1a parte

Skoozbot: lostwages
Northern Light: please (Martin Buttrich rmx)
Ronald Christoph & Ludovic Vendi: underground limbo
Stimming: the anger
Falko Brocksieper: fresh 727
Jeff Samuel: chloe's brain
Who's Who: klack (Joris Voorn)
Rother & Telekraft: planet telekraft

2a parte

Dub Kult: crypt (District One rmx)
Patrick Zigon: auttotude
Maetrick: polygon bug
Blunt: is gonna be your night
The Cheapers: hunter
Homm & Popoviciu: nicole heckmann (Stickroth & Ercolino)
Slam: paragraph 1
Patrice Baumel: flow

por: David Rodrigues

quinta-feira, novembro 27, 2008

Playlist 27 de Novembro


Aphex Twin: 4
Caribou: Irene
Caroline: Sunrise
Atlas Sound: Winters Vacation
Gang Gang Dance: Inners Pace
Booka Shade: Lost High
Daedelus: Lights: Out
Bonobo: Transmission 94
Cibelle & Spleen: Mad Man Song
Ellen Alien: Leave Me Alone
Clutchy Hopkins: Love Of A Women
Hot Chip: The Warning


The Rose Buttons: Second
Panta Du Prince: Saturn Strobe
Matzak: Girl In Water
Yacht: The Summer Song
Lcd Soundsystem: Yeah (Crass Version)
Yacht: You Can Live Anywhere You Want
Bloodgroup: Aint Easy

Vencedora Passatempo Yacht: Sandrine Santos

Pedro Oliveira

Viajar torna-nos cultos...

Que bonito!
Isto de se viajar muito faz com que vejamos tanta coisinha nova.
Incluindo coisas extremamente tecnológicas. Numa das mais recentes viagens de Damián Schwartz (Apnea/Cmyk), o espanhol encontrou a sanita mais inteligente de sempre.

E fez questão de a partilhar com o Origami...

quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2008

Playlist 26 Novembro 08


Moby: Mullholand

Djuma Soundsystem: Les Djinns - Moby rmx
The Knife: The Captain

Laurent Garnier: Jeux D'Enfants
Plastikman: Lost

Plastikman: Disconnect

Mauler: Hybrid

Marcin Czubala: Dazed and Confused
Lusine: Drift - Apparat rmx


LCD Soundsystem: Someone Great
Yacht: Summer Song
Late of The Pier: The Bears Are Coming (Instrumental Version) - Joakim rmx

Chateau Flight & Bertrand Burgalat: Les Antipodes - Joakim rmx

Yacht: It's Boring - You Can Live Anyway You Want

Landshark: Tie Me Up - Chicken Lips rmx

Brooks: Restoration

Mathew Dear: Death To Feelers

Por Tiago Eiras

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2008

Playlist 25 de Novembro 2008

Efdemin: America
Efdemin: Bergwein
Pantha Du Prince: Asha
Pantha Du Prince: St Denis Bei Licht
Le Cantin: Switching Plantation
Stimming: For A Friend
Daniel Mehlhart: Trauerspiel
Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze: Comptine D'Un Autre Été: L'Après Midi

Yacht: Summer Song
Minilogue: The Leopard - Extrawelt Remix
Extrawelt: Lost In Willaura
System 7: Planet 7 - James Holden Remix
Moonbeam: Nature - Joel Armstrong Remix
Super Flu: Rattelschneck
Bukkador & Fishbeck: Mantikor

André Tejo

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

Playlist referente ao dia 24 de Novembro de 2008 [«from Norway into Detroit»].

Silje Nes: searching, white
Lykke Li: little bit
Lonely Drifter Karen: the owl moans low
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone: oh, contessa!
David Byrne & Brian Eno: strange overtones
Squarepusher: the coathanger
Yacht: the magic beat
Girl Talk: hands in the air
Kid Creole & The Coconuts: double on back
Supermayer: hey hotties!
Grand National: close approximation
Bomb The Bass: no bones [feat. Paul Conboy]
Simon Bookish: portrait of the artist as a fount
Booker T. Jones & Ca.: lulu's back in town

Theo Parrish: galactic ancestors
Move D & Benjamin Brunn: radar
Gang Gang Dance: bebey
DJ Koze: zou zou
Nightguy: pretty face
Gala Drop: ubongo


Gustavo Sampaio.


sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

Playlist 21.11.08

1a parte

Ricardo Villalobos: minimoonstar (Shackleton rmx)
Minilogue: mr.mustafa
Dj Koze: i want to sleep
Jaydee: plastic dreams (Audion rmx)
Reboot: Vandong
Schneider&Galluzi: too late to land
Ed Chamberlain: does ape

2a parte

Minilogue: doiicie
Jerome Sydenham: gsxr810 (Ken Ishii rmx)
Steve Lawler: femme fatale (Ripperton rmx)
Ostwind ltd 09
Rodriguez Jr.: 1977
Basteroid: reducks (Fairmont rmx)
Specktre: slipspace
Andreas Henneberg: apricot

por: David Rodrigues

"Be There or Be Square"

Anders Blickmann says


Sexta, 21: Anders Blickmann Dj Set @ Quebra

Sábado, 22: Anders Blickmann & Tiago Eiras Dj Set @ A Capella

"A Justiça é cega"

Parece que sim!

quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2008

Playlist 20 Novembro 08

Pantha Du Prince: Seeds of Sleep
Sten: Way To The Stars
Pablo Bolivar: Into The Televerse - Andy Stott rmx
Beat Pharmacy: House Of Love
Deadbeat: Grounation (Berghain Drum Jack)
Ortega & Stavoestrand: Join The Ortega & Stavoestrand Funk Revolution
Ricardo Villalobos: Skinfummel

Anders Blickmann: My Moon Is Blue
Luciano & Thomas Melchior: Solomon's Prayer
Wighnomy Brothers: Pele Blosse
Slam: This World - W. Brothers & Robag Wruhme's Bukkelflipps rmx
Jesse Somfay: The Days Of My Youth Ended With Broken Bottles (Dominik Eulberg & Riley Reinhold Remix)

Por Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, novembro 19, 2008

Playlist 19 de Novembro


Four Tet: Calamine
Múm: Smell Memory
Tarwater: Tommy Tomorow
Sleen United: Spleen United
Gang Gang Dance: House Jam
Tricky: Veronika
Melanzana Argentata: Ovo Na Pizza
Amon Tobin: Ever Falling
Atlas Sound: Scpraping Past
Hector Zazou: Visur (Com Bjork)

Homenagem Póstuma a Hector Zazou


Thievery Corporation: Sound The Alarm
Skream: Acid People
Girl Talk: Shut The Club Down
Up, Bustle & Out: Day At The Bookies
Dondolo: Flying Hervé Perrin
Whitey: Sweet Words For The Sour
Thom York: Cymbal Rush
Fishersponer: Fucker
M83: Couleurs
Digitalism: Pogo
Xiu Xiu: Don’t Cha

Por Pedro Oliveira

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

Playlist 18 de Novembro 2008

Nôze: Little Bug
Dave Aju: Roundabout
Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra: The Case - Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix
Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Holunderbaum
Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Tristesse
Efdemin: America
Solomun & Stimming: Eiszauber
Larsson: Ruanda

Audion: Fred's Bells - Onur Özer Remix
Onur Özer: Eclipse - Loco Dice Remix
Ryan Crosson: Confiteria Del Molino
Seph & Pablo Denegri: Obsure - Bruno Pronsato Remix
Dinky: Burdelia
Fabrizio Maurizi: Before The Wind

André Tejo


Pronto, ei-las!

Playlist 17 de novembro 2008

crystal castles_crimewave
wamdue project_king of my castle
björk_innocence (simian mobile disco remix)
xenia beliayeva_ultra glamour
water lilly_tangle of wires
sie_sublimes (rone remix)
rone_spanish breakfast
clara moto_glove affair
dinky_acid in my fridge (tobi neumann remix)

dominik eulberg_es klebt noch morgentau in deinem haar
jennifer cardinni & shonky_tuesday paranoia
bodzin vs romboy_ ferdinand
guy gerber_are u naked
farenheit_life jump
ito & star_sudoko kid

por liliana carvalho

sexta-feira, novembro 14, 2008

Playlist 14.11.08

1a parte:

Sascha Funke: mango (Dj Koze rmx)
Deadbeat: rise again
Martyn: vancouver
Thom York: and it rained all night (Burial rmx)
Seba: blaze & fade out
Quantec: ray of hope
Paul Kalkbrenner: azure

2a parte:

Pet Shop Boys: i´m in love with a movie star (Gui Boratto rmx)
Mock & Toof: underwater star
Locodice: pimp jackson is talking now
Yacht: i´m in love with a ripper
Alejandro Mosso: CPH
Jay Haze: mama cocoa (SIS rmx)
Robert Babicz: white series

por: David Rodrigues

quinta-feira, novembro 13, 2008

Playlist 13 de Novembro


Caribou: Niobe
Balun: Moving Pictures
Bovaflux: Kleine
Fridge: Of
Santiago Latorre: Orbita
Datarock: The Most Beautiful Girl
Squarepusher: The Coathanger
Hot Chip: Ready For The Floor
Foals: Electric Bloom
Panda Bear: Ponytail
The Portugals: ???


Rechenzentrum: Rublevs Refugium
Panta Du Prince: Steiner Im Flug
Gregor Tresher: A Thousand Nights
Ratatat: Gettysburg
Spleen United: Gold Ring
Whitey: I Made Myself Invisible
Plaid: Marry
Urban Tribe: Rna World

Pedro Oliveira

quarta-feira, novembro 12, 2008

Playlist 12 Novembro 08

Metaboman: Easy Woman - Robag Wruhme rmx
Phantom Ghost: Perfect Lovers - Unperfect Love Mix by Superpitcher & Tobias Thomas
Geiger: Good Evening - SuperMayer rmx
Hiem: She's The One - Mathew Jonson rmx
Sascha Funke: Mango - Superpitcher & Tobias Thomas Como Mango Version

Shonky: Ondulation
Mark Antona: One More Sugar
Gregor Tresher: A Thousand Nights
Anja Schneider: Maki
Florian Meindl & Daso: Missing C
Max Berlin: Elle et Moi - Joakim rmx

Por Tiago Eiras

terça-feira, novembro 11, 2008

Playlist 11 de Novembro 2008

Bruno Pronsato: Why Can't We Be Like Us
Luciano & Mirko Loco: Serena
Ricardo Villalobos: Minimoonstar
Franco Bianco: Complejos Out Of Stock
Felipe Venegas: Motumb
Anthony Collins: Confused Melody

Gregor Tresher: Break New soil
Gregor Tresher: A Thousand Nights
Iñaqui Marín: Beija Flor
Rodriguez Jr: Ypsilon
Reclick & Nick Curly: Sinus
Pantha Du Prince: Moonstruck

André Tejo

segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2008

Playlist 10 Novembro 2008

«We, the undersigned, believe that music can still be a political force of note and not just the soundtrack to over-consumption.»
[Matthew Herbert & Ca.]


The Matthew Herbert Big Band: the story
Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band: stoner hill
Unforscene: don't you worry [feat. Alice Russel]
Sonar Kollektiv Orchester: held him first
Quantic: death of the revolution
Nightmares On Wax: calling
Nico Muhly: skip town
High Places: visions the first
Tricky: puppy toy
Gala Drop: ital


«The things you own end up owning you.»
[Tyler Durden]


Flying Lotus: comet course
Gang Gang Dance: vacuum
Justus Koehncke: no thanks for the add
Andy Stott: made your point
Roland Appel: lost valley
Morgan Geist: detroit
Fujiya & Miyagi: transparent things
Ricardo Villalobos: minimoonstar


Gustavo Sampaio.


quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2008


Paul Kalkbrenner: Since 77
Ellen Allien: Alles Sehen - Miss Kittin rmx
Gringo Grinder: Memories of A Balanced Breakfast
Tampopo: Oxygen Lazy
Matt John: Hawai You
Onur Ozer: Traumbone
Bruno Pronsato: What We Wish


PanTone: Makers Mark
Jake Fairley: Nightstick - Pan Tone rmx
Daso: Sam'n'Max
Smith & Sellway: Illusion
Gringo Grinder: Dirty Deeds - Ada rmx
Animal Collective: Peacebone - Pantha Du Prince rmx

Por Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008

Playlist 5 de novembro de 2008

thom yorke_cymbal rush
madame patate_sweet drugs for my P
ada_each and everyone (blindhouse)
matthew dear_another
m.i.a. _can´t find you (kiki rmx)
water lilly_lady march

pan/tone_dirty deeds (revised mix)
pant/tone_donner kebab
james holden_lump
nathan fake_the sky was pink (james holden rmx)
marc houle_bay of figs
metope_second skin (tekel rmx)

por liliana carvalho

PAN / TONE live! @ ViaClub

Sheldon Thompson, de cognome Señor Shelbono del Monte, é um homem de muitas caras. Como Pan/tone é influenciado por nomes como de T. Raumschmiere ou Anders Ilar, e é essa energia que se encontra nos seus concertos. Em 2004 explodiu com três àlbuns de diferentes inspirações onde conseguiu manter um nível de excelência ao alcance de poucos. Remisturas para Jake Fairley e Misc. ou álbum "Breakfeast Included", sob o pseudónimo Gringo Grinder, são bem demonstrativos da criatividade não normativa que emana das suas composições.
Agora está de regresso aos longa-duração e também ao palco do Via Club, para apresentação de Skip The Foreplay na sua editora Cereal Killers. Excelente álbum, onde se destacam as faixas tecno Clean Getaway e Doner Kebab e a melancolia de Broken English.
Durante esta semana estaremos a oferecer bilhetes para o live act de sexta feira no Via Club e também cds "Skip The Foreplay" de PAN / TONE. Estejam atentos!

terça-feira, novembro 04, 2008

Playlist 4 de Novembro 2008

Loco Dice: M Train To Brooklyn
Trentemoller & DJ TOM: An Evening With Bobi Bros
La Place Au Soleil: White Rabbit - Soleil Medley Re-Deconstructed by Pep Gaya
Asle Bjorn: Fyresvatn
Lawrence: Somebody Told Me
Pantha Du Prince: TAU
Pantha Du Prince: Seeds Of Sleep
Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze: Comptine D'Un Été: L'Aprés Midi

Pan/Tone: Perdón Pan/Tone
Pan/Tone: Makers Mark
Fairmont: I Need Medicine - Pan/Tone Remix
Matzak: African Roots - Rodriguez Jr Mix
Kollektiv Turmstrasse: WKH
M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade: O Superman - Robag Remix
Bvoice & Khz: Drunken Mermaids

André Tejo

segunda-feira, novembro 03, 2008

Playlist 3 de Novembro


Clutchy Hopkins: Song For Wolfie
Fridge: Ark
Broadcast: Hammer Whitout A Master
Beastie Boys: The Rat Cage
El Guincho: Fata Morgana
Bonobo: The Fever
Daedelus: Nevoue Nova
Theivery Corporation: Vampires
Clark: Herr Bar
Dj Shadow: Six Days (Soulwax Rmx)
Dan Deacon: Snake Mistakes


Bloodgroup: Red Egypt
Silvério: Yepa
Faca: Mi Deporte Favorito
Crystal Castels: Untrust Us
Kavinsky: Testarossa Autodrive
Digitalism: Magnets
Modeselektor. Ziq Zaq
Datarock: Nightflight to Uranos
Modeselektor: Sucker Pin

Vencedora Passatempo Pan Tone: Rita Lourenço

Por Pedro Oliveira

sábado, novembro 01, 2008


1a hora

SP: Trust Nobody
Bassbin Twins: Swoopa (Cool and Deadly)
The Roots ft Mos Def & Styles P: Rising Down (Def Jam)
Martyn: Velvet (3024)
Luke Hess & Marko Fuerstueb: Campfire Dialogue (Echocord)
Simon Flower: The Sum of Us rmx (Railyard Recordings)
Raz O'Hara & The Odd Orchestra: The Case (Kollektive Turmstrass rmx)
Channel X: Burning Train (Upon You)

2a hora

LCD Soundsystem: Big Ideas (DFA)
MIA: Redriver (Areal)
Scott: Anytime (MBF)
Jorg Burger: Modernism Begins At Home (Kompakt)
MistaThink: Side By Chain (Soniculture)
SIE: Sublimes (Time Has Changed)
Exercise One: Parasol (Lan Muzic)

Por David Rodrigues
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