quinta-feira, dezembro 31, 2009

playlist 31 dezembro

17h [something about the best 2009]

rone_ spanish breakfast
damian lazarus _ lullabies
in flagranti _ brash & vulgar
fukkk offf _ rock, paper, scissors
dj hell _ u can dance
still going _ spafhetti circus
nathan fake _ the turtle
micromattic _ reconstellation
exercise one _ what you say
pantha du prince _ behind the stars

18h - set Max Cooper, Zukunft _ Bruxelas [05/09/09]

Extrawelt - Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese (Max Cooper Remix) [Traum]
N'to - Ekphrasis (Max Cooper's Porcelain Remix) [WunderBAR]
Cirkus - Simplicit [Trapez]
Blamstrain - Blamstrain Remixed [Merck]
Granlab - Industrial Romance (Max Cooper Remix) [Broque]
Max Cooper - Wasp [Traum]
Max Cooper - Dischordance [Traum]
Dominik Eulberg - Sansula (Max Cooper Remix) [Traum]
Max Cooper - Stochastisch Serie [Traum]
N'to - Ekphrasis (Max Cooper's Svukt Remix) [WunderBAR]
Max Cooper - The Fuckwit [Autist]
Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie (Kanio Remix) [Traum]
Max Cooper - Stochastisch Serie (Leeks Remix) [Traum]
Dan Cat - Winterslow (Max Cooper Remix) [Playtime]
Max Cooper - Symphonica [Traum]
Extrawelt - Im Garten Vob Eben (Max Cooper Remix) [Traum]

liliana carvalho

BOM ANO!!!! :D

Playlist 30 de Dezembro 2009


Paul Kalkbrenner: Aaron

Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner: Sky And Sand

Gui Boratto: No Turning Back - Wighnomy Brothers Remix

Wighnomy Brothers: My Gloomy Head

Dinky: Westoid (Feat Jorge González)

Anthony Collins: Substance

Margaret Dygas: Invisible Circles

Michel Cleis: Dark Glasses


Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Flaschenpost

Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Dead Room

Fairmont: I Need Medicine

Milky Globe + James Holden: Sun Spots

Nathan Fake: Herm2

The Field: Yesterday & Today

Burial: UK

Benoit & Sergio: What I've Lost

André Tejo

terça-feira, dezembro 29, 2009

Playlist 29 de Dezembro 2009


Trentemøller: While The Cold Winter Waiting

Trentemøller: An Evening With Bobi Bros

Lulu Rouge: Slow Pigeon
Mike Sheridan: Dine Grønne Øjne

Sigha: Hold Your Heart Up To The Light

Sigha: On The Strip

Monolake: Reconnect

Ramdanman: Revenue

Burial & Four Tet: Wolf Cub


Alex Under: Vacarneroveja

Tadeo: Heliopausa

Cio D'Or: Goldbrokat

Jesse Somfay: Hypnagogii

Ryan Davis: Zodiac - Jesse Somfay Remix
Pantha Du Prince: The Splendour

Ellen Allien: Frieda

Lawrence: -

André Tejo

sexta-feira, dezembro 25, 2009

playlist 24 dezembro / 09

17h [excerto dj set planet rose 28/03/2009 _ james holden]

[000:00] Animal Collective _ My Girls (Domino Recordings 216 LP)
[005:20] John Talabot _ Sunshine (Hivern Disc Digital 003)
[012:30] Mainline _ Narcotic (Bedrock Records 06)
[017:20] Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda _ Bill Kilgore (Traum Schallplatten 108)
[023:00] Black Meteoric Star _ World Eater (DFA)
[028:00] Vangelis _ Blade Runner (End Titles Remake)
[031:00] Allez-Allez _ Defeatist (Ricardo Tobar Remix) (Boxer Recordings 2009)
[037:35] Nathan Fake _ Narrier (Border Community 26 LP)
[041:00] Santiago Salazar _ Arcade (Macro Recordings 11)
[045:40] Lucy _ Upstairs (Meerestief Digital 011)
[052:40] V.U.L.V.A. _ White BMW (Legowelt Remix)
[057:30] Subway _ Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix) (Soul Jazz Records 189-12)


alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto _ iano
murcof _ una
byetone _ untitled (B2)
-------- _ black is black
musicology _ telefone 259
mike shannon _ consequences
ricardo villalobos _ minimoonstar
mike sheridan _ barcelona
john tejada _ the open

liliana carvalho

quarta-feira, dezembro 23, 2009

Playlist 23 Dezembro 09

Farda P: Rockers Intro
Jeff Dana: Theme From Kung Fu
Small Fish With Spine: He Builds The World
Kid Loops Lbs: Feel
Wraparound Sound: Candles & Versions
Grizzlie: Up Through The Down Pipe
Snooze vs Dj Cam: Dub Angel
Electric J: Varispeed
Deep Space Network: Callacop
Prince Far I & The Arabs: Long Life
Cee Mix: Com-unique-ation
Rhythm and Sound w/ Tikiman: Never Tell You
Terminallhead & Mr Spee: Twisted System - Ruts D.C. Dub

Metaboman: Easy Woman - Robag Wruhme
Dialogue: Gigolistic
Ada: Blindhouse
Luciano: Franky
Process: Pelican - Oliver Hacke rmx
Broker/Dealer: Boots and Pants
Jeff Samuel: Double Yum
Sami Koivikko: Byrth
P.W.O.G.: Kind of Prayer - Michael Mayer rmx
Oxtongue: Delight


terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2009

Playlist 22 de Dezembro 2009

Burial: Raver
Burial: Broken Home

Burial: Unite

Monolake: Observatory
Roof Light: Radiance

Pattern Repeat: Synthese

King Midas Sound: Surround Me

Scuba: Golden

Shackleton: Moon Over Joseph's Burial

Pangaea: You & I

Sideshow: French Model In Dub


Margaret Dygas: Invisible Circles

False: Fieldleft

Jabberjaw: A Goat On Fire In The Garden

Audion: I Am The Car

Pom Pom: Pom Pom #30 - A side

DJ Sprinkles: Grand Central Pt.1 (Deep Into The Bowel Of House)

André Tejo

Playlist 21 Dezembro 09

Banjo Or Freakout - Breath Out
Teengirl Fantasy - Floor to Floor
Salem - Skullcrush
Swayzak - Smile & receive (Apparat remix)
The Field - Leave It (Walls remix)
Burial - Archangel (Phaseone remix)
Playboy Tre - Sideways (SALEM Drag Chop remix)
Tim Exile - Listening Tree
Grouper - Heavy Water (Phaseone remix)
Walls - Burnt Siena
Royksopp - This Must Be It (Apparat remix)

Nathan Fake - Castle Rising
Battles - Tonto (The Field remix)
Matthew Dear - Some New Depression
Jose Gonzalez - In Our Nature (Landberg Skogehall mix)
Tim Hecker - Borderlands
Four Tet - Love Cry
Fuck Buttons - Solar Surf

Por João de Almeida

segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2009

DJ Sprinkles' Midtown 120 Blues, #1 para o Resident Advisor

"...the album is RA's favourite because it went far beyond making a crowd move, providing music journalists with angles or satisfying the home listening contingent. It's the best album of 2009 because it makes us wonder that if other producers—hell, other people—were as consistently brave as Thaemlitz, what this world indeed would be coming to."


sexta-feira, dezembro 18, 2009

Playlist 18 Dezembro 09

Gui Boratto: No Turning Back
Nathan Fake: Castle Rising
Ricardo Villalobos: Amazordum
Milky Globe + James Holden: Sun Spots
Dinky: Epilepsia

King Midas Sound: Lost
Shackleton: Asha In The Tabernacle
Monolake: Internal Clock
Milky Globe + Nathan Fake: Lava Flow - Dusty Cabinets Mix
Fuck Buttons: Sweet Love For Planet Earth - Andrew Weatherall rmx
Benoit & Sergio: What I've Lost

Por Tiago Pereira (1ª hora) e Tiago Eiras

quinta-feira, dezembro 17, 2009

Playlist 17 de Novembro 2009


luciano _ conspirer
sinner dc
_ sunrized
markus lange
_ perihelion (julian jeweil rmx)
micromattic _ under over the clouds (opuswerk mx)
_ scarlett (davis & may rmx)
_ im garten von eben (max cooper tensor rmx)
daley padley & chris special _ electro is dead (kanio rmx)
jim rivers _ catch 22 (nic fanciulli rmx)


the presets _ if I know you (via tania & joris hulkomen version)
teengirl fantasy _ portofino
------------------------ _ now that's what I call volume 2
matias aguayo _ rollerskate
mathew dear _ another
damian lazarus _ lullabies
_ you're my kind
barem _ 6am

vencedora do passatempo teengirl fantasy: Susana Dias

liliana carvalho

quarta-feira, dezembro 16, 2009

Playlist 16 de Dezembro 2009

Roof Light: In Your Hands
Burial: Fostercare
Intrusion: A Night To Remember
Efdemin: Acid Bells - Martyn's Bittersweet Remix
Sideshow: Sequential Dub
Rhythm & Sound: Queen In My Empire (w/Jennifer Lara)
Mike Sheridan: Morgentimer
Distance: Delight
Sigha: Expansions

Ricardo Villalobos vs Los Updates: Driving Nowhere
Ricardo Villalobos: Dexter
Anthony Collins: Tango Bizarre
Onur Özer: Seraglio
Luca Bacchetti: It's Jazzy
Dinky: Westoid (feat Jorge González)

André Tejo

terça-feira, dezembro 15, 2009

Playlist 15 Dezembro 2009

Trentemøller: Miss You
Imtech: Autumnal Whispers
Rodriguez Jr: Siempre Siempre
Gui Boratto: Godet
Lawrence: Somebody Told Me
Marek Hemmann: Down
Pantha Du Prince: Steiner Im Flug
Pantha Du Prince: Butterfly Girl
Pantha Du Prince: The Splendour
Burial: In McDonald's
Benoit & Sergio: What I've Lost

Ryan Davis: Zodiac - Jesse Somfay Remix
Ryan Davis: Space World
Joris Delacroix: Calin Cale
Agoria: Les Violons Ivres
Kolletiv Turmstrasse: Holunderbaum - Rumpel Mix
Dilo: Walking On Thin Ice

André Tejo

segunda-feira, dezembro 14, 2009

Playlist 14 Dezembro 09

Murcof: Cuerpo Celeste
Monolake: Credit
Donnacha Costello: Cocoa Sessions Unreleased
Lawrence: Toddenhausen Blues
Anders Blickmann: Childhood (La Infancio de Un Niño En Su Granja)
LaPlaceAuSoleil: White Rabbit - Pep Gaya Soleil Medley Mix
The Field: Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
Phantom/Ghost: Perfect Lovers - Unperfect Love Mix by Superpitcher & Tobias Thomas
Ellen Allien & Apparat: Bubbles

M83: Don't Save Us From The Flames - Superpitcher rmx
Dan Corco: New World - Robert Babicz rmx
Extrawelt: Messy Machinery
Gabriel Ananda: Trommelstunde
Teengirl Fantasy: Now That's What I Call Vol. 2
Benoit & Sergio: What I've Lost
Múm: We Have A Map of The Piano

Por Tiago Eiras

quinta-feira, dezembro 10, 2009

Playlist 10 Dezembro 09


Leftfield: Release The Pressure

The Orb: Towers of Dub

Journeyman: 50cc

Soil: Imaginary Ocean

Dual Tone: Dub Radiation
Lee Perry & Junior Byles: Lock and Key

Sly & Mo: Walk Far
Stereotyp: Fling Style - feat. Tikiman
Sabres of Paradise: Return to Planet D


Deadbeat: Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues

Deadbeat: Abu Graib

Burial: Fostercare

Mark Pritchard: ?

Goth Trad: Genesis
Darqwan: Universal Wan-Ting

Starkey: Gutter Music V.I.P.
Karminsky Exp: The Hip Sheik

Por Tiago Eiras

quarta-feira, dezembro 09, 2009

Playlist 9 de Dezembro 2009

Alejandro Vivanco & Felipe Venegas: La Reina - Petre Inspirescu Remix
Francisco Allendes & Felipe Venegas: Marimbo
Alejandro Vivanco: Arabisch - Vivanco Rework
Anthony Collins: Substance
Dilo: Pampero (Feat Pablo Denegri + Qik)
Michel Cleis: Dark Glasses

Ryan Davis: Zodiac
Max Cooper: The End Of Reason
Nathan Fake: Annie
Pantha Du Prince: Behind The Stars
Efdemin: America
Marek Bois: Apples

André Tejo

terça-feira, dezembro 08, 2009

Playlist 8 de Dezembro 2009


aphex twin _ nannou
matzak _ african roots (rodriguez jr. rmx)
water lily _ lady march
coburn vs dumb blonde _ sugar lips (kiki rmx)
remain _ ignorance
magda _ lockjaw
duoteque _ logo
jesper dahlbäck _ no boarding

liliana carvalho


Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin
Vitalic - Poney Part 1
Cassius - y-s-t-c
Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool (Wild Geese remix)
Metronomy - Holiday
Digitalism - Zdarlight
Justice - Stress
Para One - Dundun-dun
Tiga - Shoes
Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Joakim Remix)

João de Almeida

segunda-feira, dezembro 07, 2009

Playlist 7 Dez. '09

Roy Ayers: coffy is the color
J.J. Johnson: willie chase
Nat Dove & The Devils: zombie march
Curtis Mayfield: freddie's dead
Brer Soul + Earth, Wind & Fire: sweetback's theme
Solomon Burke & Gene Page: the bus
Tony Allen: secret agent
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen: path to wisdom
Jimi Tenor: take the 's' train
The Very Best: chalo
Sa-Ra Creative Partners: souls brother
Anti-Pop Consortium: reflections
Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One: the franchise
Blakroc: stay off the fuckin' flowers


Tortoise: de chelly
Tortoise: minors
Tobacco: street trash
Tobacco: truck sweat
Black Devil Disco Club: polyster
Black Devil Disco Club: molecule dance
Wild Beasts: the fun plowder pot
Bear in Heaven: drug a wheel
The xx: crystalised
Ethernet: seaside
Neon Indian: mind, drips
Bibio: rotten rudd
Cold Cave: youth and lust
Joakim: little girl


Gustavo Sampaio.


quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2009

playlist 3 dezembro 2009


jesse somfay _ ex astris, ad astra
_ forty winks

frank martiniq
_ adriano

matzak _ magneto
alex smoke _ snider
hemman & kaden
_ roll in moll

goldfish & der dulz _ meet the monsters


ricardo villalobos
_ minimoonstar (shackleton rmx)

the mfa _ throw it back (we will destroy you) [luke abbot rmx]
daniel steinberg _ pay for me
john talabot
_ sunshine

_ envy (exercise one rmx)

max cooper
_ mnemonic

holzer zilske
_ wrecker 06 (undo rmx)

liliana carvalho

quarta-feira, dezembro 02, 2009

Playlist 2 de Dezembro 2009

Sisters Of Transistors - The Don
Fear Of Tigers – Sirkka
Fan Death - Reunited (CCENTURIESS Remix)
Deastro - Light Powered
Theatre Of Disco – YOA
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
Franz Ferdinand - Live Alone (Delorean Mix)
Memory Tapes – Bicycle
The Juan Maclean - Happy House (Cut Copy remix)
Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (Sanfuentes & Alex Thunder Version)
Slagsmalsklubben - Brutal Weapons

Vitalic - Station Mir 2099
Para-One - Ski Lesson Blues
O. CHildren - Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter remix)
Modeselektor - Cash
Baby Monster - Ultra Violence & Beethoven (Mondkopf remix)
Apparat & Ellen Allien - Turbo Dreams
Nosaj Thing - IOIO
Mount Kimbie - Maybes
Burial - Wayfaring Stranger
Massive Attack – Pray For Rain

João de Almeida

terça-feira, dezembro 01, 2009

Playlist 1 de Dezembro 2009

Roof Light: Around Here
Burial: Untrue
Burial: Fostercare
Distance: Delight
Moderat: Rusty Nails
Invasion vs Shackleton: Wizards In Dub Pt. 1
Trentemoller: Evil Dub
Rhauder feat Paul St.Hilaire: No News - Daniel Stefanik Remix
Burial: In McDonald's
Robag als Die Dub Rolle: Lampetee

Odd Machine: Phase Out
Ricardo Villalobos & Fumiya Tanaka: Fumiyandric 2
Margaret Dygas: See You Around
Margaret Dygas: Invisible Circles
Dinky: Anemik
Ellen Allien: Elphine

André Tejo
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